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We believe that every person has a way to say to the world who they are.


We strive to exceed your expectations, helping your child achieve beyond the barriers often faced in best outcomes for children with communication challenges and other disabilities.

Typical “educational model” or “medical model” therapy providers are limited by the constraints of their setting.  School-based therapy must address only those aspects of impairment which have an impact on school function.  In medical settings, care must be deemed “medically necessary,” often by third parties who know little about your child’s specific needs.  Care is often limited to short-term episodes which aren’t ideal for your child’s overall progress toward important life skills.

Our priority is your child’s optimal progress across all settings, toward the goals that matter most to you

Can Do Kids Therapy Services is a privately owned and operated provider of superior therapy services.  Working directly with patients and families, we can effectively address all aspects of your child’s needs, including:

  • Educational concerns

  • Medical impact

  • Family education

  • Self-advocacy

  • Community integration

Can Do Kids Therapy Services is set apart by:


  • Strengths-based treatment planning

  • Clear communication about all aspects of your child’s care

  • Positive, achievement-oriented view of every child and family

  • Child-centered treatment activities and special events

  • Individualized family education and support

Our Process

Contact Us

Call us to schedule a time to discuss your concerns

Tell us what you or your child needs to feel comfortable

Schedule a time for your first appointment

Before your appointment, we will carefully consider what tools and activities to use


Initial session is used to assess strengths and needs

Emphasis on communication and related skills, and how you or your child learns

Together we explore what you or your child does well, and what needs support

Discuss findings and create a treatment plan that considers your individual needs and situation


Focus on rapport and positive interactions

Activities designed to integrate FUN with the best interventions, for maximum progress


Authentic tasks foster generalization and carryover of new skills

Caregivers are full partners; education and empowerment are critical components of therapy


Regular conversations about gains made and ongoing needs

Regular review of treatment plan and revise when appropriate


Recognize hard work and celebrate accomplishments!

Ready to say to the world who you are?

Office Location:

66 Elm Street

Gardner, Massachusetts

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