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Our Story


Finding the Field of My Dreams

One afternoon sitting in the visiting room at the nursing home where my great grandmother resided, I came across an excerpt from a book by Torey Hayden and I couldn't wait to read more. I bravely crossed the boundary into the Young Adult Center of the public library in order to get my hands on every book that she had ever written.  I was firmly convinced that I was going to become a special education teacher working with students with significant needs as she described in her books.




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The Beginning

Learning & Gaining Experience Across Settings

As I attended my undergraduate and graduate degree programs, it was my intention to work in the schools. I completed my final semester in December 1998, and was hired for a mid-year opening at Toy Town Elementary School in the neighboring town of Winchendon, where I completed my Clinical Fellowship. After having my first child, I wanted to work in a setting where I could adjust my schedule around the needs of my young children, and began working for Heywood Hospital, which included time on the acute care floors, in the transitional care center (which is no longer there), and the outpatient rehabilitation center. With first grader, preschooler and toddler at home, and blessed by my mother’s offer to provide childcare, I transitioned back into a school-based position. This time I entered into a position in the Gardner Public Schools, primarily working at Waterford Street School with children in the early childhood and early elementary setting. With all of this varied experience, I developed confidence in my ability to exchange information with clients, families, medical providers and educators, and I have a much better perspective of how things fit together across settings and across the lifespan.


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Looking to the Future

Building the Practice of My Dreams





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