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Helping each client discover their unique way to say to the world who they are.

Skills at Every Stage of Life

Crib Mobile


cooing & babbling

early responses

nursing & feeding


first words

Toddler with Wooden Toys


social interaction

play skills

listening & responding

questions & sentences

speech fluency

School Children

School Age

speaking & listening

academic language

classroom skills

literacy skills

problem solving

Watching Online Lesson


academic skills

vocational readiness

higher level language

peer communication

community integration

Image by Nathan Anderson


ongoing support for adults with unique communication needs

vocational consults

augmentative communication

Needs in Many Areas

MGSLT green speech bubble FLIP.png

Speech Sounds

production of specific sounds & sound patterns

MGSLT purple speech bubble.png

Motor Speech

planning & coordination
of muscle movement to produce clear speech

MGSLT gold speech bubble.png

Speech Fluency

stuttering, word retrieval, verbal organization

MGSLT heart speech bubble.png


listening & understanding, natural language acquisition
& gestalt language processing, vocabulary, sentence grammar, narrative skills


Augmentative Communication

support for non-oral communication, picture symbols, communication boards, voice output communication devices

MGSLT teal thought bubble FLIP.png

Social Thinking & Communication

functional communication, awareness of emotions in self & others, matching words & body language to situation, play skills & use of imagination

MGSLT spoon.png

Feeding & Swallowing

sensory & motor skills for breastfeeding/bottle feeding, enjoying the experience of eating a variety of foods

MGSLT books_edited.png

Academic & Vocational Skills

reading, writing, spelling, executive function, study skills, self advocacy

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MGSLT AAC joy.png

Why choose us?

We provide skilled, evidence-based services, with compassion, ongoing client & caregiver collaboration, and creative & flexible solutions.

We believe...

... in the inherent worth & dignity of every person

... in honesty & kindness

... in being considerate of the unique needs of each client, caregiver, & family

... in play & having fun while working hard towards achieving challenging goals

... that everyone should be given real choices & the opportunity to be a full and equal member of their community

... in lifelong learning for everyone

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